Project Description

LA Weight Loss


Seeking to improve employee and customer retention, CP was retained to determine the primary reasons for high turnover and develop a strategy to improve overall retention.


CP facilitated an assessment of the organization and developed a prioritized approach to improve customer retention.  The assessment included analytic interviews with more than 250 clients and interviews of more than 50 store level employees, managers, and executives.

The questions included:

  • How did you select LA Weight Loss as an employer
  • Explain your job responsibilities
  • Define the expectations of your of your manager
  • How do you find new clients
  • Explain your relationship with your clients
  • Why did you select LA Weight Loss as a health service provider
  • What are your expectations of LA Weight Loss

Customers consistently cited the relationship with the “weight loss consultant” as their second most important expectation.  It became clear that employee retention was the key provision to customer retention.


Within 12 months of implementing a series of recommendations, LA Weight Loss documented a 34% improvement in employee retention.  In addition, customer retention improved nearly 46% within 18 months of our initial implementation.