Organizational Effectiveness

Analyzing what full potential means in practical terms–for whole companies, business units, and functions.

For companies facing a significant event – such as reorganization, an acquisition or sale, or other operational transition to achieve growth over a three-year plan or revenue threshold – optimized and nimble organizational structure can smooth the transition and make the difference in realizing a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Organizational Design Services astutely align a company’s strategic and tactical objectives with its departments, processes, people and reward programs to more strongly position the organization to manage and realize the benefits of change. We ensure stability and direction in organizational design by:

  • Determining the roles and structure required to meet new demands
  • Assessing additional talent needs based on existing skill set gaps
  • Instituting appropriate levels of leadership to execute necessary changes
  • Ensuring ownership and accountability for cross-functional activities
  • Enhancing communication, both within departments and across the organization
  • Ensuring appropriate compensation structures to align interests with goals


Carl Sagan once said, “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” This universal truth has an interesting business implications, in order to survive and create better results, organizations must behave and respond differently by taking a new approach to evaluating problems, spotting opportunities, and planning for future success.

At Cosgrove Partners, we approach organizational development through a people-centered lens to help our client’s change, evolve and focus. By examining how an organization is structured to deliver its offerings, we can help it overcome a broad myriad of challenges. To this end, we develop tools, processes, strategies, and programs that instigate behavioral and performance changes.

Our clients come to us seeking to become more profitable, innovative, or customer-oriented, and in most cases, they willing to explore new opportunities. While these are certainly important organizational goals, we typically get tangible and “begin with the end in mind”. We help them conceive of the new products, services, or delivery models can create and deliver value. We help them recognize the skills and culture that is important to providing value in their domain.


Thriving brands transcend logos and clever advertising campaigns; we believe they are an active reflection of a firm or product. The best brands launch thoughtful dialogues with people (clients, vendors, media, partners) that foster curiosity, emotion, and loyalty. Of course, images and messages are important, but the real power in brand today lies in creating dynamic, self- sustaining relationships with customers.

At Cosgrove Partners, we work closely with clients in select industries to conceive, articulate and expand brand positions through every available touch point. Our multi-disciplinary teams include; experienced executives, psychologists, communication specialists and graphic designers who create nuanced experiences that connect people to brands in harmonious, emotional and evolving ways.


Cosgrove Partner’s comprehensive fact based approach enables clients to achieve performance improvements in their core business, leverage their capabilities to spur growth in contiguous segments and consistently produce industry-leading results. We work with facts to identify credible opportunities and we work directly with leaders who have the ability to implement dynamic recommendations.

Our diagnostic approach allows us to conceive new opportunities, gain momentum, and overcome organizational inertia.  The art of execution, in our experience, begins by addressing operating problems at the cross functional levels of the organization.  We focus here because it is the point where departments, geographies, and layers of management interact to launch critical decisions.


Cosgrove Partners develops training programs to help our clients more effectively drive change and accomplish performance objectives. We work closely with our clients to identify the business outcomes they are seeking to achieve as well as the way they want to accomplish the objectives.

Once understood, we leverage our catalog of custom training programs to insure that their trainees focus and learn the skills and processes that are essential to performance while avoiding superfluous content that distracts from the targeted outcomes that drive success.

Available Training Programs & Workshops

  • Sales Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Managing the Market
  • Value Messaging
  • Setting Standards
  • Goal Setting
  • Coaching
  • Evaluation & Consequence
  • Account Strategies
  • Sales Execution
  • Building a Sales Campaign
  • Opportunity Management
  • Business Acumen
  • Selling to Executives
  • Managing Major Accounts
  • Negotiating

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We would love to work with you. Contact us today.

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