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Expanding your market share with data-driven marketing and sales strategies.
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Marketing and sales for small to midsize businesses is different than in larger companies. With smaller teams that often straddle the line between the two, it can be challenging to maximize the potential of both.

Cosgrove Partners specializes in developing data-driven marketing and sales strategies for the SMB segment across multiple industries. We can help your business:

  • Enable digital transformation to modernize your marketing and sales approach
  • Analyze and segment your market to determine your most profitable targets
  • Clarify your brand messaging and market presence
  • Define and execute a cohesive go-to-market strategy to drive success across the entire customer journey

Our Go-To-Market Model

Every customer is not equally as profitable to your business. Recognizing the radically different needs, behaviors, and revenue potentials across your customer base is a crucial step in developing a sound customer strategy.

We combine rigorous data analytics techniques with real customer interactions – interviews, focus groups, and shop-alongs – to identify your biggest opportunities for deepening relationships with loyal, profitable customers you want the most.

With this knowledge, we help you:

  • Allocate your marketing budgets
  • Define a strategy to pursue the right opportunities
  • Help you realize the full revenue potential of your products, services, and relationships

Well-executed marketing programs drive both revenue and profits. They help attract your target customers, establish a positive reputation and position in the market, and strengthen your brand.

We focus on end-to-end brand management, including competitive positioning, marketing mix, and resource allocation. This approach allows us to deliver better leads to sales, drive up revenue, and increase margins.

Our unique customer acquisition approach, called NexGen Selling, is based on our experience with more than 100 sales organizations across 6 different industries.

It begins with defining a clearly focused offering, executing on the highest priority customer segments with products and solutions bundled and priced for maximum revenue, retention, and renewals. From there, we support you in:

  • Performance management: recruiting, developing, retaining, and tracking performance of high-potential sales teams
  • Resource deployment: Creating the right coverage model to maximize use of resources
  • Compensation and incentives design: Aligning individual success with growth targets
  • Revenue acceleration: Tightening pricing disciplines and focused cross-selling

Customers may be very satisfied with your brand and happily recommend it to others—but if they like your competitors just as much (or more), you’re losing sales. There, organizations need to prioritize increasing wallet share: the percentage of spending within a specific category that is captured by a single company.

We help you more clearly understand the preferences of your customers and develop compelling programs to grow wallet share.

  • When and what to cross-sell
  • Upsell to customer specific needs
  • Expand product lines
  • Increase purchasing and supply chain efficiencies

Loyal customers are one of your company’s biggest assets. They are up to 5 times more profitable than net-new ones and are more likely to serve as advocates of your brand.

We work with you to define the systems and infrastructure that reinforce your value promise with existing customers and drive long-term growth and retention.

This begins with a detailed understanding of the short- and long-term needs of your customers. We use “voice of the customer” research to help you identify what is (or is not) working and how to implement new strategies in order to extend your customer relationships for years to come.

What Makes Us Different?

At Cosgrove Partners, your success is our success. This means our goal is to teach you how to be more self-sufficient in your sales and marketing: to get to the point that you don’t need us at all.

Our engagement model centers on a partnership with your sales and marketing teams. Rather than solely delivering work, we help you develop effective strategies and the capabilities to execute them, so you have everything you need for long-term success without being tied to a third-party agency.

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We work with leaders who are committed to thinking in new ways when it comes to growing their businesses and developing their teams. Schedule a free advisory call with a member of our team.

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Ready to Learn More?
We work with leaders who are committed to thinking in new ways when it comes to growing their businesses and developing their teams. Schedule a free advisory call with a member of our team.

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