Standing beside our clients to enable the organization in achieving important goals.

We are a management consulting firm dedicated to helping business leaders to pursue facts, accomplish objectives and create sustainable results.

We realize that our clients compete in an increasingly volatile and complex business environment.  When a CP advisor walks through your door, he or she will be thinking about new and innovative ways for you to compete. Working in partnership with your team, we closely assess all relevant aspects of your business, design strategies to unlock new sources of advantage, and support you in bringing them to life.

But we do not stop at the development of a new strategy; we stand beside our clients to help enable the organization in achieving important goals. Among our clients, the demand for enablement is growing. In response, we have been partnering with companies across industries, helping them strengthen such core capabilities as pricing, sales, change management, technology execution and leadership.

Our consulting and enablement programs have been helping clients to identify, seize, and sustain advantaged positions since 2001. We deliver a tangible improvement in business results by creating a step-change in maturity levels of the capabilities companies require to win. We help our clients develop a project portfolio that is managed as a program to build better managers and the next-level business platforms that enable achieving an enduring competitive advantage.

Consulting Capabilities

Sustained profitable growth is critical to the success of every company—but the search for growth has never been more demanding. The quest for growth raises important questions:

  • How do we maximize the growth potential of our current businesses?
  • What can we do to gain market share?
  • How can we create meaningful differentiation for our solution?
  • How can we outgrow our industry and competitors?
  • What growth opportunities in adjacent markets are most attractive?
  • Where are medium-to-long-term growth opportunities likely to emerge—and what do we need to do to capture them?
  • Our experience helps clients achieve and accelerate growth in their core business and beyond. Combining creativity and analytical insight with client engagement, our approach helps clients overcome real and perceived barriers to growth.

Our mission is to leverage deep business-to-business insights to inspire high-impact thinking in all aspects of marketing, branding, sales, and pricing. We work to help clients realize sustainable economic results. Therefore, our work extends across strategy, planning, execution, and capability building.

With more than 30 years of experience and broad expertise in marketing and sales, our capabilities include proficiency in six key areas:

  1. B2B MARKETS – Marketing can become more effective through our knowledge of business-to-business markets, which helps our clients determine buying behavior, develop useful offerings across channels, and clearly present their products to customers.
  2. BRANDING – Branding and communications involve fashioning the brand architecture and positioning and then connecting each brand with the customer—using meaningful insights into customer behavior and rigorous business analysis. We help our clients become brand leaders—increasing the value-added potential of the brand with customers, employees, and capital markets.
  3. SALES CHANNELS -Sales channels are more complex and challenging to manage as customers, channels, and markets rapidly evolve. We help our clients create more-effective sales-force and channel arrangements by applying our broad experience to each client’s individual needs; developing clear, customized strategies; and driving a disciplined implementation process.
  4. PRICING – Pricing has become even more crucial as our clients face shifts in customer demand and channel complexity.  We help clients use pricing as a powerful tool to shape customer behavior, improve earnings, and drive brand perception. We ensure that our clients capture immediate profit through optimal pricing.
  5. G0-T0-MARKET STRATEGY – Go-to-market strategy combines all the commercial functions—sales, marketing, brand management, pricing, and knowledge of consumers—to drive the bottom line. We use an integrated approach to help assess the effectiveness of our clients’ current marketing and sales capabilities, identify the areas most in need of attention, and design a comprehensive program for improvement.
  6. COMPETITIVE ASSESSMENT – A competitive analysis is an assessment of the competition in a certain market aimed at informing business decisions. An assessment typically involves creating a list of competitors and creating a profile for each competitor that includes information such as the types of products and services they sell, their market share, marketing strategies, and notable strengths and weaknesses. The assessment may also include comparisons between a business’s specific products and services and the offerings of competitors.

Companies in financial distress face a unique set of challenges. They must ensure short-term survival while preparing for long-term success. Improvement requires a robust reorganization plan that addresses the needs of all stakeholders is imperative. To thrive again in these difficult times, companies must answer critical questions such as these:

  • How can we quickly stop the bleeding?
  • How can we release and generate cash to fund our operations?
  • How can we focus on the most viable parts of the business moving forward?

Our turnaround approach focuses on the most important operational, strategic, organizational, and financial levers in order to ensure a sustainable recovery. We will validate an existing turnaround plan or develop a new one tailored to a client’s specific circumstances. By combining our deep industry experience with the proven tools of crisis management, we create lasting impact—fast!

Following a merger, management is under significant time pressure to address challenges such as defining integration priorities and identifying synergies. Once the priorities are determined, it is critical that a robust change management system and project plan carry the following implications

Our post merger integration (PMI) process deals with several crucial questions:

  • What functions must be integrated quickly, and how do we focus on realizing synergies?
  • How can we best integrate two different cultures and deal with conflicts between them?
  • How do we keep employees focused on business and customers during the integration process?
  • We have a proven set of standard best practices, but we adapt our approach to each particular type of merger and to the most important sources of potential value. Also, our teams work closely with the client at all levels to embed change throughout the entire organization and deliver maximum value.

At CP, we believe in the power of people and that working together is the foundation of competitive advantage for any organization. With that mindset, we strive to improve employee engagement and company performance in all our work with clients. By focusing on both, companies can achieve real change and sustainable advantage over competitors.

  • Leadership and Talent
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Design
  • Succession Planning
  • Family Business Leadership Transition
    • One of the most difficult challenges for any family business lies in making an effective Succession Plan. The potentially explosive mix of commercial and personal issues generates more trouble inside more family businesses than almost anything else and, as a consequence, the task is all-too-often put in the “too hard” basket. Sadly, this inevitably leaves a legacy of conflict and possible disaster for both the business and its various stakeholders (especially in the family) as succeeding generations have to clean up the mess and confusion left behind.
    • We take a very transparent approach to Succession Planning. This allows our facilitation, problem solving, commercial, business advisory and development capabilities to work closely with directors, owners, executives and family members in the process.
    • Our process is designed to help develop a new leader who can “stand on the shoulders” of the old, rather than simply “fill their shoes”. The new leader must be accepted by company employees, family members, other stakeholders and the market place at large, as the best choice for the job.
    • In the case of a family business where there is no intention to allow control or ownership to pass outside the family, the process helps select the best candidate and identify whether (a) they are up to the job at all and (b) what training, coaching and support they may need to be able to take over and run the company properly in the long term.

Our clients are senior business and IT executives who value our independent, bias-free, and results-oriented approach. Because we have no financial interest in downstream IT selection or outsourcing services, CP acts as an objective technology partner. Our clients also value CP’s recognized strengths in strategy, organization, and operations, as well as the broad strategic lens we apply to IT.

Go-To-Market Model

Profit potential varies dramatically across a company’s customer base, and different customers can have radically different needs and behaviors. Recognizing that simple averages cannot accurately capture the preferences of either your customers or the marketplace as a whole is a crucial step in developing a sound customer strategy.

We use rigorous quantitative techniques combined with real customer interaction-interviews, focus groups, and shop-alongs. We identify opportunities for clients to deepen relationships with the loyal, profitable customers they most want.

We help clients to couple their unique strengths with refined customer insights to maximize the impact their segmentation efforts.

We help clients keep their segmentation insights fresh by utilizing customer feedback to spur innovation, anticipate shifts in the marketplace and navigate their evolving needs. By utilizing this customer-centric approach to every aspect of customer strategy, we help clients allocate their resources, pursue the right opportunities and ensure that they will realize the full revenue potential of their products, services and relationships.

Our Approach

The business world is changing faster than ever, and increasingly companies are finding that timely response to shifting customer needs—their desires and expectations as well as their points of irritation and dissatisfaction—is essential for growing revenue. CP helps companies apply customer insights across the entire business by first asking the big, strategic questions: “Who are our target customers?,” “How do we best serve them?,” “Where do we need to play?,” and then by addressing how to optimize operating models to meet those needs. We also recognize that customers are driven by both rational and irrational mental processes; therefore, it is imperative to spend time with them, observe their behaviors and look for trends.

Our analysis strategies target the data that will help our clients make the most effective decisions. When done incorrectly, segmentation can drown you with superfluous information. Although our analysis is comprehensive, we are careful to keep our clients focused on the data that directly relates to product and process improvements that will generate money.

Our approach to segmentation begins with a clear understanding of our client’s desired outcomes. We define what it is we’re trying to accomplish first because real business objectives can be obscured in the segmentation process when companies try to reach all customers in all capacities.

When clear objectives have been defined, we focus on identifying the customers who are worth more than others—those who are truly tied to our client’s economics. That does not necessarily mean segmenting on economics alone, it entails discovering which segments allow your company to make more profit per customer than your competitors.

The segmentation and insights process will not yield results if customers’ economic value to your business is not the principle consideration. Our strength is tying targeted, priority segments, and the resulting customer insights, to economic understanding to drive revenue growth for our clients. In doing so successfully, we excel where specialist market research firms struggle.

By identifying segmentation objectives and focusing on economics first, we are the able to work alongside companies to design and implement segmentation strategies that are tailored to their needs. We consider how clients will use the segmentation—through which avenues will they receive the data, how can the information be effectively used throughout the organization, what resulting actions are necessary and how will those initiatives be practically deployed in the field—to build enduring valuable analytic techniques.

Well-executed marketing programs drive up both revenue and profits. We work with companies to structure such programs carefully to target attractive customer segments, create the desired image and strengthen the brand.


Our work focuses on brand management, including competitive positioning, and the impact that marketing mix and resource allocation have on sales and profits.

As products and services become more difficult to differentiate, branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image can help build a larger, more loyal customer base. Our approach to brand management, marketing mix and resource allocation consistently drives accelerated revenue growth rates.

We begin by mapping the market share and profit position of the client’s brands relative to its competitors.

We then help clients apply that information to manage brand portfolios, from the development of strategy to tactical allocation of resources. We closely integrate marketing campaigns with coherent and persuasive sales tools to enable channel effectiveness and capture market share.

ur unique approach, called NexGen Selling, is based on our experience of the best demonstrated practices of more than 100 sales organizations in 6 different industries.


Identify and execute on the highest priority customer segments with products and solutions that are bundled and priced for maximum revenue, retention and renewals.


Develop the right cadence for monitoring the results of customer-facing selling efforts in a timely way, and then reinforce it with effective forecasting, lead generation, back-office technology, support and service.


Recruit, develop and retain high-potential sales teams; track key measures of their performance and motivate them with pay and incentives that reward success.


Develop the right coverage model for each customer segment; assign responsibilities and design territories to maximize the use of resources.


We help drive improvements in productivity and growth beginning with an assessment of a company’s selling system. We then work with a company to develop a pragmatic, actionable implementation schedule that can reliably increase sales without disrupting a company’s current revenue streams.

Wallet share is defined as: the percentage of a customer’s spending within a category that’s captured by a given firm. Customers may be very satisfied with your brand and happily recommend it to others—but if they like your competitors just as much (or more), you’re losing sales.


We work with companies to more clearly understand the preferences of their clients and then we help develop compelling programs, brands, and initiatives to grow wallet share.

  • When and what to cross sell
  • Up sell to customer specific needs
  • Expand product lines and assist clients with meaningful purchasing and supply chain efficiencies

We work with our B2B clients to identify, articulate and quantify the value they create for their customers.  We help define the systems and infrastructure that allow our clients to reinforce their value promise with their clients and drive long term growth and retention.


Our work focuses on helping our clients with a detailed understanding of the short and long term needs of their customers. We use  “voice of the customer” research to help our clients focus on the issues, policies and capabilities that drive customer value. We integrate loyalty programs, train call center staff and insure that the appropriate metrics are in place to extend the customer relationship.

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We would love to work with you. Contact us today.

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