Cosgrove Partners | Sales Effectiveness Framework
Cosgrove Partners (CP) is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping business leaders to pursue facts, accomplish objectives and create sustainable results. Founded in 2001, CP has assisted more than 2,000 management and sales professionals and more than 100 companies achieve higher levels of performance.
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Sales Effectiveness Framework


Cosgrove Partners has identified five key characteristics that consistently serve as drivers of superior performance in customer facing selling organizations. These dimensions of success serve as the evaluation and improvement framework that Cosgrove Partners has utilized to assess the knowledge, skill, process and positioning of your selling effort.

  1. Messaging
  2. Organization
  3. Process
  4. Productivity
  5. Leadership

Sales Effectiveness Scorecards have been designed by Cosgrove Partners to accumulate information in one easy to communicate reference tool. The score is a relative rating of the your sales team’s performance against the specific dimensions that drive Sales Force Effectiveness. The following scorecards roll-up these dimensions of sales effectiveness from their component attributes to represent the current effectiveness rating of the your selling effort. Please rate yourself accordingly.

The rating scales are calibrated as follows:



Observed consistent & pervasive “best-in-class” performance
Observed solid and wide spread performance
Observed varying presence of performance
Observed very limited presence and not  a strength of the organization
 1 Did not observe the presence of this attribute in the organization