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Cosgrove Partners (CP) is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping business leaders to pursue facts, accomplish objectives and create sustainable results. Founded in 2001, CP has assisted more than 2,000 management and sales professionals and more than 100 companies achieve higher levels of performance.
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After facing 2 years of declining sales, this IT staffing organization retained Cosgrove Partners to help them achieve consistent and scalable revenue growth.


CP facilitated a thorough assessment of the IT staffing market, the competitive landscape, and customer needs as well as a comprehensive analytical review of the existing sales and marketing organization.  The assessment revealed the IT staffing industry was in the midst of a dynamic shift in terms of customer expectations.

Specific actions included:

  • Development of new competency models for the entire sales organization
  • Development of a new sales management operating system
  • Creation and deployment of a new sales training program
  • Design of a new Emerging Leaders Program
  • Creation of custom curriculum for each level of the training program
  • Development a new forecasting process
  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive Annual Operating Planning System


The company experienced substantial sales and margin improvements over the following 5 year period.  In addition, Cosgrove Partners spun off and sold a separate training business (ForceManagement) in support of the ongoing training and development needs of this customer.