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Global Sales Effectiveness



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Magnesita, a global producer of Refractory used in the steel and glass making industries with business units operating on 5 continents was seeking to develop a single comprehensive sales approach for their global customers.  CP was retained to refine the needs of each business unit and synthesize the needs into a global sales strategy and corresponding sales and marketing organization.


During the 26 week engagement, CP collaborated with each business unit to define specific goals, objectives, and measurements for the NexGen Global Account Program. Following the initial research, CP developed a robust Global Account Management Approach to achieve the stated goals. In addition, CP developed the NexGen sales training to drive implementation and compliance on a global basis.

The project included the following deliverables:

  • Development of a Global Account Management Plan
  • Common sales language for each business unit
  • Integrated account level reporting on a global basis
  • Development of a process to document and quantify engineered value
  • Creation of on-boarding program for sales


Magnesita experienced greater than 18% CAGR in sales and margin growth with their global account program for the first 4 years of the program.  This represented more than a 300% increase in revenue from the prior 3-year period.