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Profit Enhancement


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Category: Develop, Distribution, Grow, Improve, Small to Mid Market Companies


After successfully acquiring and integrating more than 25 automotive aftermarket paint distribution companies and gaining a national distribution platform, the company sought to maximize the profitability of additional scale.  CP was retained to analyze the go-to-market approach and seek out additional revenue streams contiguous with the core business.


CP facilitated an extensive review the automotive paint distribution market including a detailed competitive analysis, more than 100 customer interviews, interviews and analysis of each major supplier, and other service providers who support the automotive aftermarket.

The initiative resulted in the following:

  • Expanded product offering of items frequently purchased by the existing customer base
  • Integration of new paint-matching technologies
  • Extensive supply chain improvements
  • Backward integration into the payor (insurance) networks
  • Sales training program
  • New sales management methodology
  • Double digit revenue increase
  • Substantial EBITDA increase