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New Business Launch



Category: Develop, Grow, Health and Fitness, Lead


An Investor group with an existing health and fitness business wanted to leverage their knowledge of the fitness market and launch a new business platform focused on the Baby Boomer population.  CP was retained to research the market and to develop a franchise business model capable of rapid expansion.


CP facilitated a thorough review and analysis the fitness industry to determine the viability, complexity and competitive implications of a boomer fitness business.  Upon the completion of the initial research, CP went on to develop and launch the business.

Our process included:

  • Detailed review and analysis of competitive health and fitness businesses
  • Interviews with more than 100 potential customers
  • Facilitated the development of the brand, marketing, website and product/solution
  • Developed the financial model
  • Secured select vendors to support the franchise model
  • Facilitated the development of a premier private labeled nutritional supplement line


Upon the conclusion of initial market validation, CP proceeded to develop the launch the business.  CP continues to coach and advise franchise operators in the execution of the boomer focused fitness business platform.